Sunday Cyclone Freecoaster Hub Parts

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All parts are compatible with Sunday Cyclone and Odyssey Clutch v1 Freecoaster.

Freecoaster Chromoly Female Axle

Replacement oversized 4130 Chromoly female axle.  14mm non-drive side axle bolt and 3/8" drive side bolt with built in 14mm adapter.  Bolts Included. Also available in full 3/8" bolt kit.

Non-Drive Side Collar

Replacement non-drive side collar.

Non-Drive Side C-Clip

Replacement non-drive side circlip. 35mm.

Non-Drive Side Bearing

Replacement non-drive side sealed cartridge ball bearing. 6003RS.

Max Slack Spacer

Replaces the stock 2-piece plastic helical adjuster to allow for maximum slack. One piece, non-adjustable.

Drag Mechanism Assembly

Replacement drag mechanism assembly, with spring.

Engagement Cone / Clutch

Replacement engagement clutch cone/sleeve piece. RHD or LHD.

Drive Side Bearing

Replacement drive side sealed angular contact cartridge ball bearing. 7905RS.

9T Driver

Replacement 9-tooth chromoly driver. Includes needle bearing and collar. RHD or LHD.

Caged Needle Bearing

Replacement precision caged needle bearing.  Sits in between driver and drive side collar. 20x24x13.

Drive Side Collar

Replacement drive side collar